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2020-08-08 Updates on COVID-19 cases in Shenzhen (Aug. 8) On Aug. 7, Shenzhen reported no new confirmed COVID-19 case. More
2020-08-07 Luohu holds COVID-19 emergency response drill To improve its ability to cope with imported cases of COVID-19, Luohu district held an emergency response drill on July 30 focusing on tackling a breakout of the disease. More
2020-08-07 Updates on COVID-19 cases in Shenzhen (Aug. 7) On Aug. 6, Shenzhen confirmed no new COVID-19 case. More
2020-08-06 Luohu to build more public kindergartens to meet rising demand To increase the number of affordable and quality kindergartens, Shenzhen has been greatly increasing its investment in kindergartens over the past two years. More
2020-08-06 Updates on COVID-19 cases in Shenzhen (Aug. 6) On Aug. 5, Shenzhen confirmed no new COVID-19 case and reported no asymptomatic case. More
2020-08-05 Skyscrapers witness Shenzhen’s fast development The rising skyline of Shenzhen testifies to the fundamental changes the city has witnessed over the past 40 years since the reform and opening-up policy was introduced. More
2020-08-05 City reports one asymptomatic COVID-19 case On Aug. 4, Shenzhen reported an asymptomatic case of COVID-19. More
2020-08-04 Liantang Port is ready to open On July 30, legislators and political advisors of Shenzhen, architects and representatives of local residents visited the Liantang Port, which is to be opened soon, at the invitation of the Bureau of Public Works of Shenzhen Municipality. More