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2020-03-19 Retired soldiers fight virus as volunteers in Luohu More than 1,500 retired soldiers in Luohu are taking part as volunteers in the epidemic control and prevention work in the district. More
2020-02-25 Head nurse's fight against COVID-19 Tian Qingyan is a head nurse of the Luohu Hospital Group, as well as a head nurse of the isolation wards to treat people infected by the novel coronavirus. More
2020-02-13 Party member sets good example in fight with epidemic Li Lintao, director of the acquired immune deficiency syndrome control and prevention department of the Luohu district center for disease control and prevention, has been extremely busy since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus epidemic. More
2019-10-12 Civil servant lobbies successfully for piped gas project Residents of Guoyuanxi, an old residential community of Guimuyuan in Luohu district, were elated to witness the completion of a piped gas project in their community. This meant that in late September they finally bade farewell to their old gas containers. More
2019-05-24 Local sheriff contributes to community security in Luohu Xiong Hai, 46, sheriff of Yijing community of the Luohu branch of Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau, has been awarded the honor of “excellent civil servant” for 12 consecutive years. More