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2022-06-26 COVID-19 Daily Update (June 25) COVID-19 Daily Update (June 25) More
2022-06-26 COVID-19 Daily Updates COVID-19 Daily Updates More
2022-06-24 COVID-19 daily update (June 24) COVID-19 daily update (June 24) More
2022-06-24 Interconnectivity through ports promotes Shenzhen-Hong Kong integrated development July 1 of this year marks the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the motherland. The interconnectivity between Shenzhen and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has been constantly strengthened over these years. More
2022-06-23 COVID-19 daily update (June 23) COVID-19 daily update (June 23) More
2022-06-23 New action program unveiled to promote high-quality development in Luohu Luohu has recently issued an action program outlining the measures it will take to improve the district’s business environment and support the high-quality development of its modern industries from 2022 to 2025. More
2022-06-23 COVID-19 daily update (June 22) COVID-19 daily update (June 22) More
2022-06-22 Luohu ranks 9th in national evaluation of government transparency The Luohu district government was ranked 9th among 120 sampled county-level governments in China in terms of government transparency, according to the 2021 report on Chinese government transparency released at a seminar held in Beijing on June 16. More
2022-06-21 Consumption season launched to promote sports and economic recovery in Luohu Luohu launched culture, sport and tourism consumption season to promote sports and economic recovery on June 18. More
2022-06-21 COVID-19 daily update (June 21) COVID-19 daily update (June 21) More
2022-06-20 COVID-19 daily update (June 20) COVID-19 daily update (June 20) More
2022-06-20 Luohu built new center to promote civilization improvement Luohu built a new center to promote civilization improvement in the Honghu Lake Park on June 16. More
2022-06-18 COVID-19 daily update (June 18) COVID-19 daily update (June 18) More
2022-06-17 COVID-19 daily update (June 17) COVID-19 daily update (June 17) More
2022-06-17 Innovation and entrepreneurship competition held in Luohu The Luohu qualifying match for the 14th China (Shenzhen) Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition and 6th Luohu Dawutong Innovation & Entrepreneurship competition kicked off on June 13 in Shenzhen. More
2022-06-16 Center set up to serve work and life of Hong Kong citizens in Luohu Hong Kong Business Professional and Youth Group Luohu Service Center was founded in Luohu Business Center on June 14. More
2022-06-16 COVID-19 daily update (June 16) COVID-19 daily update (June 16) More
2022-06-15 COVID-19 daily update (June 15) COVID-19 daily update (June 15) More
2022-06-15 Luohu to host annual lotus flower show at Honghu Lake Park The 2022 Shenzhen Lotus Flower Show will be staged in the Honghu Lake Park in Luohu from June 16-30. More
2022-06-14 COVID-19 daily update (June 14) COVID-19 daily update (June 14) More