Luohu hosts GBA unicorn company forum
Luo Yude inspects local procuratorate
Luohu opens its largest inoculation station in Dongmen
Popular restaurant opens in Dongmen of Luohu
Luohu hosts GBA unicorn company forum

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City reports three asymptomatic COVID-19 cases
On April 15, Shenzhen reported three imported asymptomatic cases of COVID-19.

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Can Hong Kong residents use digital renminbi in Luohu?

So far the test work for Hong Kong residents using digital renminbi on the Chinese mainland has been concluded in Luohu district. This is part of national efforts to stead...

If one has caught COVID-19, is the vaccination still needed?

There are reports of COVID-19 re-infection. These are individual cases, and more research is required to draw a conclusion on the risk. Currently, confirmed COVID-19 patie...